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Russian National Ballet Kostroma

Great Rus, Mother-Russia and the Russian Federation - all these words denote the country with a centuries-old history, traditions and customs. Russia is home to many nationalities united in love and brotherhood, it is a keeper of an invaluable part of the cultural heritage of the world. One can understand Russia only by unraveling her soul and unrestrainedness that have been expressed in the dance from the dawn of time. Today the open Russian soul revives in the folk choreography of the Russian National Ballet "Kostroma".

The President and the Producer of the Ballet: Honoured Cultural Worker Elena Tsarenko

The Art Director and the Chief Ballet Master: Yury Tsarenko

The name of an ancient Russian town situated on the banks of the Volga river was taken for a reason. The cradleland of the Romanovs family representing real Rus with its wealth of history, customs and traditions once gave home to the young Tsarenko family and their cause. It was there that Elena and Yuri found their inspiration and later carried it over to the repertoire of the ballet thus enriching it with the power of the folk spirit. To take one instance, in the round dance Grustinochka (Sorrow) staged by Y. Tsarenko, he used the ideal of the ancient barbaric celebration of Kostroma, a festival of summer ritual festive occasions that celebrated the all-mighty god of the Sun, Yarila. Choreographic composition called "Teplota serdechnaya Skanyu nazyvaets" (The Filigree), staged by Y. Tsarenko, was created by order and full support of the jewelry company ALMAZ-HOLDING and it shows the miracle of filigree, the elegance and the beauty of the fine metal weaving, which is a traditional Kostroma craft from the village of Krasnoye on the Volga. The director decided to make a synergy folk dancing, classical ballet and theatre, on the one hand, and show business elements, video projection and special effects, on the other hand. It is also not by chance that the symbol of the new style became a ballet shoe and a little bast shoe.  

Elena and Yuri have always tried to listen to their intuition. This invaluable The Gifts led them to success, gave them confidence to risk and hope to believe in the future. To their mind any person who has intuition is infinitely rich because relying on it one can get an opportunity to bravely move forward and meet their dreams.

Setting up the Dance School for Children and later, in 2002, the Governorate Ballet School affiliated to the Autonomous Non-commercial Organization Russian National Ballet Kostroma" was a natural result of their systematic development. They think that professional environment is the growth medium that is vital for the art heritage of the ballet. Maria Veshkina (Tsarenko), their daughter who is the Vice-President of the Russian National Ballet Kostroma, is the head of the School. In 2010 the college started to provide free of charge education. The best teachers come to Kostroma from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and other cities. In 2007 and 2010 two departments of professional artists of folk dance graduated from the School. Today about 20 graduates of the Governorate Ballet School work in the first team of the Russian National Ballet Kostroma" and one of them is Ivan Tsarenko, Elena and Yuris youngest son, who devoted his life to the choreographic art as his parents once did.  Ivan is a soloist of the first team of the company, the assistant of the Art Director of the Russian National Ballet "Kostroma and the Governorate Ballet School teacher of Stage Practice discipline.

The best word to call the Russian National Ballet "Kostroma" is 'family'. Elena and Yuri Tsarenko transferred their personal experience to the invaluable experience of demanding but considerate administrators, which resulted in making up a big and very friendly team.

The Russian National Ballet "Kostroma" has been the bearer of the traditional folk culture. They have made more than 1,700 shows during these years full of experiments. The Ballet successfully performed in 20 countries of the world. They have created six dancing programs Volzhskie Zarisovki (the Volga Sketches), Za Sviatuyu Rus! (For the Holy Rus!), "Russkoye Predstavlenie (Russian Show), Zagadochnaya Rus (Mysterious Rus), Zhili-Byli (Once upon a time) and Russian National Dance Show. The premieres of The Russian National dance Show Kostroma were presented in London, Moscow, Paris and Rotterdam. The unique annual tourist project The Russian National Dance Show Kostroma has been taking place in Moscow in Cosmos Hotel since 2005 when Kostroma gives 100 historical shows about the great and mysterious Rus. 

Having received the audiences recognition home and abroad, Elena and Yuri has the right to be proud of their ballet and the professional choreographic educational institution that is the only one of the kind in Kostroma province. They have devoted all their lives to folk dance that is the most elaborate kind of art able to bring up a tolerant, patriotic and esthetic society as well as to convey the light and the kindness of the Russian hear to other people speaking different languages because the ballet is a truly international kind of art. 

Foreign guest tours of the Russian National Ballet Kostroma

1992 Germany

1993 Spain, Italy

1994, 1995, 1996 Cyprus

1997 Bulgaria, Greece, Japan

1998 Monte-Carlo (Monaco), Italy, the Czech Republic, Cyprus

1999 Finland

2000 Australia, China

2001 China, Germany

2002 Israel, Japan

2003 Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia  

2004 Croatia

2007  China

2008 Great Britain

2009 Ukraine, Republic of Cuba  

2010 China, France, Switzerland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands

2011  Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Qatar

2012  China, Italy 

2013  Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France

2014  Australia, New Zealand 

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